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All Handmade Rosaries
Handmade Christian prayer beads by members of the Artistic Devotions and All Handmade Rosaries groups, including the guild website, All-Handmade-Rosaries.com, and individual members' websites. This group's focus is on Roman Catholic rosaries, but Greek &

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spiritual,educational,meditation and paranormal research and investigation
Jonathan Lobl's Reiki Site
1 0
Inner Peace
1 0

A place for all sites that have information on meditation, relaxation and stress management.
Rev. Jonathan Lobl's Melchizedek Site
1 2
The Order of Melchizedek, Melchizedek in the Bible,
Children Of The Light
1 1

This web ring is for all positive web pages. All topics welcome, as long as it is positive. Your web page must be a ray of light that lights up the internet with happiness and peace.
Rev. Jonathan Lobl's Healing Ministry
1 0
My Spiritual Healing Ministry -- training and ordination, Pantheism, Reiki, Order of Melchizedek
Interfaith Ring For Peace
1 0

The Interfaith Ring For Peace brings together sites from various different religious traditions to support the peace process and the protection of the human rights of individuals of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds.
Metaphysical Information
1 1

This ring is for all metaphysical information. No hate sites allowed. All paths are sacred and should be treated as such. Please make sure all content is appropriate for all ages. Blessings...
Mayan Reiki
1 0

Mayan Reiki is a combination of The ancient Tibetan and Mayan Shamanistic methods of healing.
Icefern Magic
1 2

Magic Blog
the hundredth Monkey Radio with Tom and Ramon
1 2

Just being a couple of guys who have great concern in the things happening in our existence, Ramon and I (Tom), decided to host a show to have a forum for us to ask questions of some of the researcher
1 0

Sites having anything to do with angels, including pictures, poems, songs, clip art, Christianity, and Scripture.
Dragon Reiki
1 0

This ring was created to promote awareness of the Dragon Energy that permeates our Universe. This Energy might be the most important discovery of Our Time! Help to promote these wonderful creatures by adding your Dragon based website to this ring.
The Secret Doctrine of Christianity
0 0

Modern Christianity is a mere shadow of the original Church prior to the fourth century. The Anti-Nicene Church was spiritually holistic, often accused of being a secret system--teaching the uninitiated the doctrines of heaven/hell and the resurrection, a
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Most believers of the simple faith can't enter the Inner Kingdom because they have not yet transformed their body-vessel into a living temple consecrated and set apart for the Lord. Thus it is impossible for them to know the mysteries of God and to dwell
Psychic Reading Psychics
0 0

This community is dedicated to psychics, psychic readings, and the psychic arts. If you have a psychic related web site please feel free to join this ring. All forms of divine practioners and light workers welcome. Share the buzz about your site, yourself
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Dedicated to Jain philosophy and practice. Ahimsa (non-violence), vegetarianism, anekanta (multiple points of view) sites are also welcome. Jainism supports friendship with all living beings.
Internet Intercessors
0 0

A ring dedicated to the intercessory ministry of prayer, thanking God for His gracious, miraculous and daily working in the lives of his people.
Freezone Scientology
0 0

Sites providing introduction to and information about the Freezone, a coalition of groups and individuals who support the religious and philosophical teachings of L. Ron Hubbard outside the formal structure of any particular organization.
Jodo Ring
0 0

Sites related to Pure Land Buddhism from any traditions (Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Tibetan and so on). Any language welcome.
0 0

This ring is for sites containing prayers or prayer request sites. All faiths welcome.
Matrix of The Ancient Root Races
0 0

This webring matrix reenergizes the crystal of the past, future and present energies of human fulfillment. Remember these places and times, these ways and values, and what the earth's story is, and what She wants to do next.
Bear Spirit Web Circle
0 0

The Bear Spirit Webring calls to those who have a genuine spiritual heart; healers, light-workers, shamanic people; to create a network healing, spirituality and reflection.
Christian Hippies Web Ring
0 0

Any hippie who is into the teachings of Jesus. You don't need to confirm any creed, denomination and you don't even need to be in any church to join. NO porn or pro-drug sites.
0 0

Delve And Discover...
Tai Chi Community
0 0
Learn more about the arts of Tai Chi and Wushu.
The Virtual Church of Inter-faith
0 0
Within this ring, you will find sites of various faiths whose owners examine reasoning behind the things they do. They may poke fun, do so with a hint of humor, or just stand amidst others more known
Christian Buddhist
0 0
The Christian Buddhist ring is for sites which contain some material pertaining to both Christianity & Buddhism, or detail the spiritual life or path of a webmaster, person, or author who is or has been trying to understand how one might practice both Chr
A Ring of Truth
0 0
Ring of Truth (rot) deals with human evolution, observation and perception. Are we alone? What is our origin? Is there a destiny? Why should we not consider that Sciences, Philosophies, Myths and Religions, all lead to ONE thing? Should we tolerate the ab
Maximum Systems of Self-Realization
0 0
Teachings that point directly to realization of our true essence or Real Self, such as Advaita Vendanta, the Albigen System, Taoism and Zen -- and how these can be put into practice today.
Prayer Warriors
0 0
People of all Christian denominations are welcome. We believe in the Power of Prayer! If you believe, request a prayer for someone special in our Forum. If you have a site that specializes in prayer or the positive power of prayer, join us and strengthen
Secret Doctrine of The Way
0 0
The term B.C. should rightfully stand for Before Constantine--when the Church was spiritual and holistic. In the second century, the Church was accused of being a secret system, teaching the masses the elementary "milk" of the Gospel, while giving seekers
Primal Spirits
0 1
Wild and hungry souls on a journey, searching for connectedness with our sisters and brothers in peace and harmony. Mystical, magical, spiritual travellers, introspective hermits, vibrant with life - all are welcome to come sit with us in this growing web
Anno Mundi Philosophy of Mind
0 0
Presuppositions radically alter our approach to life. We assume that independent reason challenges the natural mind to become the ultimate judge of truth. Notwithstanding, does such thinking permeate every area of life?
Rosary & Scapular Makers
0 0
This ring is open to all who promote devotion to the Most Holy Rosary, and the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Support the missions with your hand-made rosaries and scapulars.
Angel Sites
0 0
"The Most Popular WebRing on Angels" - since 1996! This angel ring has been dedicated to find, collect, and link the best angel sites which offer the very best in angelic art, music, poems, inspiring messages, heart-warming stories, and insightful discuss
Enlightened Ones
0 1
Magick, Mystery and wonder await your vision..We are the Enlightened ones and we are here to share the magik with all who wish to see.
0 0
The project of the Traditional Futuristic Athletic Jumpsters is here. With absolutely no violence, these fictional heroines amaze and perform very sophisticated & complex artistic motions.
Religious Blogs and Journals
0 0
A WebRing of blogs and journals (religious in nature, however varied in traditions), whether sharing our journey or lessons learned; aiding in greater spiritual awareness.
Solar Age Spiritualism
0 1
A solar age is the foundation of a sustainable lifestyle within the framework of self discovery, harmony, and understanding that leads to contentment without diversion.
Rosary Artisans
0 0
This ring showcases websites filled with beautiful handmade Rosaries.
Enchanted Mirror Reflections Of Magick
0 0
Fantasy & Magick abound! For fans of music, life & nature. Positive Energy sites, Please! Everyone is welcome..we are inspired by Stevie Nicks, but will welcome everyone! Artists, musicians, writers, all Magickal beings...You have found your Castle.
Love and Light
0 0
The Love and Light ring is for businesses or individuals who are involved with alternative methods of spiritual growth & physical well-being. This webring will list sites on massage, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, energy work, colour work, shamanic healing a
Virgin full of Grace Webring
0 0
This Webring is for all who love our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary, the Mediatrix of all Graces. Websites honoring her, listing Marian prayers or dogma, testimonials about her intercession, and Our Lady's role in our lives and in Christianity are welcome!
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Have a hamsa by your door? Are you a hamsa maker? Do you think the Third Eye will ward off evil? If so, you belong in this ring. All third eye pages welcome, all pages about warding off evil welcome.
0 0
God governs man; Prayer governs God. Praying the Holy Rosary is to pray and meditate on the Gospel; The mysteries of the events in the life of Jesus Christ and our Salvation. I welcome any site that promotes the Holy Rosary.
Real Buddhism
0 0
A Place where you can find real buddhism.
Sannyas Ring
0 0
Sannyas Ring is a group of sites which explore and celebrate a connection to and love for the modern Indian mystic Osho, the buddha of our age. Sannyas Ring sites feature content relating primarily to Osho and/or personal growth, connected specifically to
0 1
MagickStitchers links sites of special interest to pagan needlecrafters. Sites should contain information about the use of needlecrafts in your spiritual practice or patterns or other information specifically for pagan needlecrafters. Commercial sites are
Stitch Witch Webring For Crafty Folk
0 0
A webring devoted to showcasing designers and merchants of arts and crafts with a Pagan theme
Christian Prayer Line
0 0
All Catholic and Protestant Christian web sites are welcome if they have information about how to pray, when to pray, why to pray, what to pray, where to pray. Just pray.
Heart of Gold
0 0
All sites promoting love and kindness are welcome to apply, such as New Age or witchy sites and anything on universal peace and love.
Candle Making & Handcrafted Spiritual Items
0 0
The purpose of the Webring is to join gentle-natured artists together to nurture, teach and help one another in their quest to create artwork including handcrafted candles, soaps, windchimes, dreamcatchers, color therapy items and everything similar. Come
Astral Light
0 0
Astral Light is a place for all who are seeking information and sites on Astrlogy, astral Travel, Physic, Paranormal & Many other related areas. If your site is related in some way, or you feel it fit
My Own Book Of Shadows
0 0
A growing collection of spells, rituals, home remedies and pagan related articles.
Celestial Fire
0 0
This ring seeks to bring together in a community all websites dealing with metaphysics, spiritual awakening, astrology, Indigo children, alternative medicine, New Thought, Spiritualism, etc..
Everything Runes
0 0
Have site with rune sets for sale, runic info, or just some rune designs. Join here
Prayer Requests
0 0
Do you have a prayer request site? Then you belong here. It doesn't matter what religious belief you have. All that's required is a prayer request page or site. This is not about how we pray its abo
Spirit Circle
0 0
A place for all sites that contain Native American graphics, poetry, stories, or other related articles.
Tribal Winds
0 0
A ring for Native American sites. If your site relates to the culture and history of Native Americans including such areas as religion spirituality and teachings become a member of our ring.
Native People
0 0
All things Native American are welcome here!!!
Native Vision
0 0
Dedicated to the spreading of the consciousness of the Prophecies of Native, Indigenous, Multi-cultural and Earth-based peoples.
Natural Living
0 0
Promotion of natural and eco living for families and individuals. Goddess spirituality, Native Americans, veganism, earth sense, rawfood, Self published books, nomadic living, midwifery, unassisted ch
Pagan Circle
0 0
A Ring For Pagan Sites. Sites that we browse, Sites that we return to, Sites that we spend hours each week on, sites that Enchant us beyond others. This is a ring for All who think there site is Encha
A Spiritual Ring
0 0
This ring is for everyone and everything spiritual. Not necessarily religious, but spiritual in the full sense of the word. This ring is for all beliefs. Come, join us.
Angelic Reflections
0 0
This ring is for sites that have any inspiration, angels, miracles, a special talent of some kind, etc...{;}
International Unified Ministry
0 0
International Unified Ministry is a multi-faith-based ring to help all individuals all over the world. This ring is for men and women of all faiths who want to reach out and help others
Graveyard Dirt
0 1
("And s/he who tells a bigger tale would have to tell a lie.")
Mind, Body & Spiritual Healing
0 0
This web ring is a gathering place for all types of healing arts. All paths are welcome here.
Jungian Tarot
0 0
Tarot and divination using the principles of synchronicity and archetypes, as developed in Jungian psychology.
Angels Of Grace
0 0
This ring is for noncommercial websites about Heavenly Angels. Please be sure that your website is about God's Angels of Light (no dark angels or fairies will be accepted) and appropriate for family
Top Spiritual Sites
0 0
If you have a site, ring, top site or business that you consider spiritual, this is the place for you
Spirit Wind
0 0
This ring was created in mind for all the pagans out there...those of us living old ways combined with new in today's world. No matter your path, all are welcome to join!
0 0
A very special ring for lightworkers, starseeds. All sites on healing, spiritulaity, metaphysics, esoteric or new age philosophy, etc. are welcome here.
0 0
A great place to find inspiration on the Internet. Find inspirational stories and poetry, metaphysical and spiritual chat rooms and forums, philosophical and religious discussions, and more!
0 0
Zen Buddhist web-pages welcome
All Handmade Rosaries
0 0
Handmade Christian prayer beads by members of the Artistic Devotions and All Handmade Rosaries groups, including the guild website, All-Handmade-Rosaries.com, and individual members' websites. This group's focus is on Roman Catholic rosaries, but Greek &
The Sacred Space
0 0
One spiritual seeker's Verdant Path, chronicling her spiritual explorations and the creation of a new Pagan spiritual tradition.
The Cauldron and The Cross
0 0
Does your site blend "something Christian" with something from The Old Religion? Then this webring is for you. Many people believe that Yeshua/Jesus studied and taught natural magick and mysticism as part of "The Way." Others believe he was married to Mar
Pure Reiki
0 0
Alternative Healing that uses the hands on healing method. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy."
Truth, Consciousness And Religion
0 0
Since the beginning of time, what humanity has put forth has been questionable. Our beliefs, our ideologies, have slowly drawn us into intricate entrapments, that deny the average person entry into their own realm of unique intelligence, through the coers
Saint Joan of Arc
0 0
Educational resources all about Saint Joan of Arc with a quick facts page, detailed timeline, quotes page, full history, pictures, videos and over several hundred pages of historical information.
Sacred Heartbeat
0 0
All Native American sites are welcome to join this ring.
Reiki Masters WebRing
0 0
A ring for all Reiki Masters and sites with information on Reiki
Into the Realm of Angels
0 0
This webring includes the best angelic and spiritual sites! If you have a page that is metaphysical, inspirational, uplifting, or just anything that has something to do about the unseen world, I urge you to join this webring!
Psychic Nation Celestial Friends
0 0
This is a ring for psychics, numerologists, mediums, tarot readers, professional psychics, and those in celestial careers, as well as astrology hobbyists--all are welcome to join.
The Sacred Healing Circle
0 0
Featuring healers and spiritual teachers from around the world who are devoted to assisting beings on their personal growth journeys. All those wanting to be a part of The Sacred Healing Circle will work from the highest dimensions of sacred spiritual int
The Reiki Ring
0 0
Reiki is a spiritual practice developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. It uses a technique commonly called palm healing as a form of complementary and alternative medicine and is sometimes classified as oriental medicine by some professional bod
Inspirational Graphics
0 0
A growing collection if inspirational graphics.
Children Of The Sun
0 0
Does you site have Native American graphics, poetry, stories, or other related articles? Then join here!!!!
Health & Economics of America
0 0
Truth Movement 2012 - Historical, Economics, Health, Wellness and Spiritual truths of our time revealed!
Angels Among Us
0 0
This ring is for any site dealing with angels, angel readings, light work, or personal empowerment, as well as anything metaphysical or new age. If your site features any of these things, please join today.
Ecospirit Dating
0 0
Are you Spiritual? Have a deep connection with nature? If holistic living, personal growth or social issues are important to you, you'll find like-minded souls here.www.ecospiritdating.com
Sacred Strands
0 0
Information on the use and creation of contemporary prayer beads, prayers and meditations, forum and a comprehensive list of prayer bead links.
Angels Are Everywhere
0 0
A collection of articles, stories, poetry, crafts, etc. on angels.
The Conspiracy-Metaphysical Gateway
0 0
Your #1 Choice for truth seeking. Here you will find new age metaphysical knowledge as well as conspiracy debunking secrets. Truth seekers, seek with an open heart and mind, only then will the truth you seek present itself.
Wabi Sabi
0 0
Anything related to Wabi Sabi and reducing stress naturally by living more simply and mindfully: recycling, environmentally friendly lifestyles, natural beauty, meditation, Zen Buddhism, Japanese art & crafts.
wolf moon
0 1
All your wiccan, pagan, occult, witchcraft supplies, Alchemy Gothic & wonderful gothic figurines from Nemesis Now including fairies, dragons, gothic and fantasy, from dragon figurines to altar supplies we have it all
StarShip Sanctuary
0 1
A starship class Sanctuary has been sent into the vicinity of Earth by your space friends. It is a powerful luminous ship, which main aim is to help our space brothers who incarnated to Earth.
0 0
Spiritual Counselling and Healing Guidance Website,offering retreats,telephone, email advice. Inspirational and confidential, guidance programmes and ongoing support.For relationship,life pathways and directions and completely genuine insight and help in

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